Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vintage Green eyeliner, Pink Cheeks & Lips : Makeup Look

Hi ladies! Have you ever had a day where you just want to do something different rather than doing your usual makeup routine? Well, I had those days and this time I'm gonna share with y'all what I did with my makeup recently. Instead of doing the usual black eyeliner, I switched it up with my green eyeliner. I did a review on that eyeliner so y'all might want to check that up here! I drew the eyeliner as usual, my signature winged eyeliner look. And I decided that it was too normal and a bit plain, so I contoured my eyes a lil bit using my Sleek Contour Kit and I use my Luxe Pencil Brush by Zoeva for that!

My eyes were a bit bold but still I didn't play with too many colours so I blushed up my cheeks a lil bit. Just to give that hint of colors and to brighten up the whole look! (Plus I had to shoot a video on that day so I didn't want to look to wash out so yeah) For the blush, I used the only blush that I own which is the In2it blush in code 02 Tempt. To apply that, I used my Essence blush brush. This brush has been with me for so long, love love it! To match that pink cheeks, I applied my new found love lipstick which is the In2it Colour Stix in code 04. For a drugstore lipstick and cheap, the color payoff is great and I have nothing not to love about this lipstick. :) Dolls, y'all might want to head out to the nearest Watsons and get your hands on those super cheap lipstick! To seal everything up, I used my Essence fixing loose powder. That's pretty much of what I did with my recent makeup look. I hope you like it! 

Products used! 

Until next post, stay tuned beauties!


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