Saturday, May 23, 2015

My long time passion.

Hi girls! I am quite excited to share this with y'all because for those who knows me, they know how much I love to do this and I've been doing this for quite a while now. *grins. So, what I'm about to share with you ladies today is nothing extraordinary. It's just something that I love to do and Alhamdulillah, people around me are very supportive about this. It started off as a hobby and I can actually say that I can make money out of this hobby right here, Alhamdulillah. Tho I'm still learning and trust me I have a lot more to learn, I am happy when there are people out there trust me to do their makeups. Yes dolls! It's about my passion as makeup artist/crew. I cringe at calling myself a makeup artist because I'm still new in this. *hides face. 

Okay, it all started when I was in my college's english drama team and I was in the makeup team. Later, I was involved with a play production and in that year it was Beauty and The Beast. Again, I was in the makeup team and I have no one to thank but Azze for inviting me to join in the team. :) And again, I was called to join in festik's makeup team. I was happy to be able to things that I love and the smiles that I put on people's faces. Satisfying feeling ever! That's that and I thought it's gonna end there. The next year, it happened again. I was in my college's english drama team and I was in charge for the makeup. And again Azze asked me to join in her play production which was The Great Gatsby and I went for the audition. I got in and I was in the makeup team. :) I did the makeup for Daisy Buchanan aka Fatin and the dancers. Such pleasure working with the ladies. Too bad I didn't take any photos with them. I should remind myself to take photos whenever I'm involved with this kind of thing! The play was a success, everyone was happy. Yeay! 2015 is the final year I'm involved with my college's english drama team and the last time I worked as one of the makeup crews. ;') The most recent one was Festik. It ended yesterday and to be honest I had no intention of joining the team. Karthik asked for my help and because he was so helpful during our english drama competition, I agreed to help him along with my friends. That's about me joining the makeup team for college and play productions. 

Few of my friends trusted me to do their makeups and I was paid for that. To be honest, I was really nervous to do pretty makeups because I was so used to stage makeups and it's a lot different than pretty makeups. I tried my best and Alhamdulillah, so far they're loving it! The only reason why I'm sharing this with y'all because I want to share my passion with you guys. Do things that you love and do it sincerely. Go for your dreams and I am still taking baby steps in this passion of mine. I have high hopes and I will never stop learning. Live your dreams, dolls! Here's few of the photos that I have. :) 

Makeup for Nisa for the fashion show event!

Makeup for Festik 2015!

Makeup for Mek. For fun purposes. :)

Makeup for Farhana for her college's dinner!

I hope y'all are entertained by this post! Go for your dreams ladies!

Until next post, stay tuned beauties!


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