Monday, May 11, 2015

Makeup Brushes : Real Techniques & Zoeva

Heyy dolls! How y'all doing? Wherever you are, I hope y'all are doing fabulously great! So today.. Errr I forgot what I wanted to say. Ahh yes. Makeup brushes! What is makeup without its essential tool? I mean, of course. When I first started with makeup, my fingers were the only tools or the applicators that came with the makeup haha. Now that I have moved a phase up which means I am no longer a beginner in the makeup world, I need a proper set of tools.

I would say I have a small size of makeup brushes collection. It is small if I were to compare it to other beauty bloggers out there. I have always been collecting single brushes even until now. Until recently, or to be precised last year, I started to go for a complete set of makeup brushes from a certain brand. For a start, I got myself the Core Collection from Real Techniques and I got this set from Luxola. This brand has been a rave among the beauty bloggers out there. Everyone was talking about it and I knew I had to get one set of it. Core Collection consists of four brushes and it comes in a pouch which is to me very convenient! You can even make 'em stand on its own which is uh uh super coolss. The four brushes are 2 foundation brushes, 1 concealer brush and 1 contouring brush. It has labels to it but you can always do whatever you want with the brush, right ladies? For example, the concealer brush. I don't use it for concealer. I think it's too small and it'd take a lot of time for me to conceal those flawwsss with a small brush. Instead, I use it for lipstick. So it is my lip brush now. Work with everything that you have ladies!

As for the Zoeva brushes, I got myself 3 brushes for eye makeups. I got them from Luxola and they were having sale at that time. The three brushes that I got are the 230 Luxe Pencil, 226 Smudger and 229 Eye Finish. My personal favourite has to be the 230 Luxe Pencil! And they all have their own personal pouch which is a bonus point for Zoeva! I am still very happy with the brushes that I got and I plan to get more from Zoeva line! Zoeva owns one of the finest makeup brushes and it is also considered as one of the most affordable makeup brushes line. I will try to do a separate blog posts on what I think of these two brands, okay dolls?

So dolls, y'all want my thoughts on these brushes? Let me know alright!

Until next post, stay tuned beauties!


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