Saturday, May 16, 2015

Elianto Celestial 2 in 1 Eyeliner : Review

Annyeonghaseyo dolls! Changing my greeting because I kinda feel like a kpop superstar right now. Don't ask me why. Okay, I'm back with another review and this time it's on eyeliners! Who here doesn't love eyeliners? Or don't own one? Goshh girls, y'all better get one alright? Because you know why? Eyeliners are life saviour! Eyeliners can totally change how we look instantly! The product that I'm going to review today is the Elianto Celestial 2 in 1 Eyeliner in Snow White and Vintage Green. I got these two when Elianto was having a sale so I am really sorry because I couldn't remember the price for this eyeliner.

The eyeliners!

The eyeliners!

Now, onto the products! It is pencil type but more like gel-pencil type. U get me? The eyeliner is in pencil form but the formula of the tips are gel like. I'm so bad at describing things right? Okay.. The packaging is something that I love. The color of the body is in deep green, correct me if I'm wrong. The cap is in gold color which I laaaavv! It has like floral design to it and it's in gold as well! You may differentiate the colors by looking at the end of the pencil. Or you can just refer to the code name of the eyeliners :p

Tip of the eyeliner, VG.

Tip of the eyeliner, SW.

Vintage Green is like the deep green color. Definitely my favourite kind of green. And it has subtle shimmers to it. Tho I wish it'd be just matte without any shimmer but that's fine. The Snow White is pure white color with more shimmers to it. Both are in waterproof formula. It doesn't smudge easily, bonus point for that! How I use these eyeliners? For the Vintage Green, I either use it like normal eyeliner or I use it as the base for my eyeshadows. Works great either way. :) As for the Snow White, I usually use it at the lower lashline of my eyes. I have never used the white one for any other purposes except that. Should've experimented more! Overall, I'm pretty happy and satisfied with these eyeliners.

Swatches! Without flash!

Swatches! With flash on!

Will I buy it again in the future? Nope. I would love to try other eyeliners and I believe these two would lasts a long time.

Until next post, stay tuned beauties!


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