Saturday, May 16, 2015

MAC Lipstick in Diva : Review

 Hello ladies! This one week has been an emotional and tiring week for me. What can you expect? Being in my final year and just starting my final year project aka fyp, it gets a lil bit too overwhelmed at times. But I love being busy. It gets my mind off things and I have no time to waste (yelah tu). Okay, enough with that. I have another review for you dolls! I have been wanting to talk about this for the longest time! Super excited about this because as a makeup junkie, you will reach to a point where you say to yourself, 'Hey, I think it's about time I get something from the high end brands.' And yess, this item would be the first ever item I have ever got from the high end brands! I didn't purchase this because this was given to me as a birthday present. Sweetest birthday present ever. :) You might not know this but I am truly madly in love with lipstickssss! I am willing to splurge on lipsticks because the overloading love I have for them! *grins. The item that I'm going to review today is the lipstick from MAC in Diva. See the name? Fits me muy perfecto!

I believe Diva is not an exclusive item because it has been in the store for quite some time so I don't think this item will be discontinued. And also this has been one of the most raved lipstick by the beauty bloggers out there. Being a lover of both red and dark lipsticks, Diva has been on my list for a long time! I love how deep the color is and how vampy it looks like. I would describe the color as deep burgundy red. But then again, it is how thick you apply the lipstick. I usually go for one thick layer for night look and one thin layer for daylight look. Yes I do use vibrant color for my daylight look because I am that kinda girl. Hihihi. Now, the scent. This lipstick has this sweet vanilla-ish scent to it which I don't mind at all. Because once you apply it on your lips, the scent goes away which means it doesn't linger around so yeah that's pretty cool.

This lipstick worths every penny because of the super amazing staying power! Girl, if you're looking for a lipstick which doesn't leaves horrible stains after you eat and drink, go for MAC lipsticks. I'm not sure about other lipsticks from MAC but this makes a good pretty impression for a first timer like me. After hours, I would still have the lipstick and even if it leaves stains, Diva does it fabulously.I believe that this lipstick is both matte and moisturising. Doesn't dry out my lips and it is not fully matte when you first apply it but after a while it'll turn into matte. Don't worry girls :) I have to give bonus point for their staying power. Superbly amazing! I'm looking forward for my future lipsticks with MAC. Gotta save up money now! Photos time!

Thin layer and thick layer.

What do you think ladies? Let me know your thoughts!

Until next post, stay tuned beauties!


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