Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Collection Cosmetics Concealer : Review

Hi ladies! Today I'm going to review on something that is one of the most essential items for makeup lovers out there. Can you guess what it is? Yes, it is concealer! No makeup collection will ever be complete without a concealer regardless of the price. I am still using concealers from drugstore and I have never owned any concealer from high end brands. You should never underestimate the quality of drugstore items. *grins. Nways, the concealer that I'm going to review on today is the most recent purchase that I made which is the Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in code Cool Medium 2. Phew, the name is so long! The reason why I purchased this is because I ran out of my most favourite concealer which is the Maybelline's concealer :( and also I wanted to try out something new! 

I believe the one that I got is not the lightest shade because when I swatched it at the store, it appeared to be a bit darker and yellowish compared to my usual color. But it looked fine after I blended it all out so I bought it. The price is cheaper than the Maybelline one. And plus it was on sale at that time. I retailed it at the price of RM16.90 so yeah gurlll I like anything that is below rm20! The bottle is slimmer than the Maybelline's. It comes with a wand, nothing unusual about that because it is pretty normal for drugstore concealers to come with a wand. Wand makes it easier and faster to apply your concealer but it can also be quite unhygienic. It is advisable not to share anything like this with anyone else. Alright ladies?

Now, what about the consistency of this concealer you may ask. Well, apart from it being a bit yellowish for my skin tone, the consistency is excellent. It is thick but not that kind of thick that will make you feel disturbed once you apply it on your face. One minus point for this concealer is that, it has scent to it, like plastic and very superficial scent. I don't like it. But it all disappears once you blend it out so no worries alright? Another minus point for this is that once you put it on your face, you need to work it out fast because it dries up quickly! Once that happens, you need to put in more time and effort to blend it all out. Happened to me once so I am speaking based on experience hahah.

Swatches without blending.

After blending!

Alright, I would suggest this concealer for those who wants something affordable but works really well. What do you think ladies? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box down below!

Until next post, stay tuned beauties!


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