Friday, December 14, 2012

Updated : Pore Minimizer by TheFaceShop.

Hello ladies ! I know I know, it's been more than one week now. I promised to do an update on the mask from TheFaceShop. I am truly sorry as I was busy with stuffs and sometimes I even forgot to put on the mask. (I'm old, I can feel it.) So, I have used the mask on my face. I even gave trials to few ladies. The result is....

It was good ! It did a great job, so far. I'd recommend this to anyone who has :

  • Oily face. Since it is green tea based, it is good for those who have oily skin, like me.
  • Who needs to minimize the pores on the face. Just what I needed. 
  • I think this mask can also make your skin fairer and get rid of those scars that you have. Hopefully !
Personally, for scars I'd recommend you to use Bio Oil. I used that when I had chickenpox and I had so many scars on my face. I looked like a monster, no kidding. (I don't even want to remember that moment it was so terrible.) Basically, I just applied the oil on the scars and it took me less than a month to get rid of those scars. Magical, really magical. Alrighty, back to the main discussion beauties. Where were we? Oh yes, about the Pore Minimizer. For me, it does what it says. It's good, it is smooth to my skin, I feel so calm having that on my face (it smells so nice, ching ! Bonus point for that hehe ). I am happy with what it does to my skin. I have only used that thrice. Twice during the first week, and yesterday was the third time. So, it is still too early to tell but well. I like it so much that I'm gonna recommend you beauties to get it ! :) Go and grab yours now at TheFaceShop. 

Until next post, stay tuned beauties !


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