Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Product review : Rimmel London Foundation &Tips.

Hi beauties ! As I've promised in my second entry, I'm gonna do an update about my new found love which is my recently bought foundation, Rimmel London, Stay Matte Foundation. (Anything that has matte on it, I'll buy it.) Why does I love love love products that are matte? I have oily skin. I cannot possibly use anything with fragrance or anything milky. It'll show more. So, anything matte is good for oily skin. I found this foundation in Watsons. I doubt it at first because I've been wanting to get Revlon's foundation. (still in my list, too expensive so I opt for this.) I bought it and tried the foundation on the next day. Surprisingly, it is super good ! It does what it says, so great job Rimmel ! I don't use much of it since it is thick and it gives me complete finish. (Flaws that you see on my face even after I put on the foundation is because I do not conceal them.) I'll usually use only one coat. I do not use more. I'll look horrible. Tips :

  • When you apply your foundation, make sure you do not use too much, if the foundation is thick. I will recommend you to use your fingers to apply it, but if you want to use sponges, that is also okay. Using fingers will give you full coverage. 
  • You can also try to mix two foundations (in this case it means two different tones of foundation) to get something that is similar to your skin color. I haven't tried this yet, hopefully I can do this soon ! (wishlist !!)
  • When you want to purchase a foundation, make sure the color is one tone down. DO NOT GO one tone up. Common mistakes that we usually do, we tend to choose wrong tone of foundation. In the end, we will look super fair and it is horrible. You do not want to look like a vampire, do you? 
  • When you want to try on the foundation, try it on your face not on the back of your hands. Note that, the color of the back of your hands are not the same as your face. Usually, our face is darker than our hands. (I did this, and it helped.)
  • Lastly, go with one of your girlfriends. They can help you. I do not like to go alone when I want to purchase cosmetics. I need advices, and usually I'll bring one of my girlfriends to accompany me. Better yet, ask the person in charge. They will help you. :)
Those are few tips that I can give to you beauties. Hopefully it helps ! Now, I'll include pictures of the Rimmel London Foundation. I am in the color 103 (True Ivory) I got this foundation for rm28. 

Until next post, stay tuned beauties !



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  2. Useful tips babe! Muka tak bmnyak okay tak pakai ni?

  3. hi bebi! Should be okay. kulit tak berminyak lg senang carik produk yg kena dgn muka kita. :)



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