Friday, December 14, 2012


Hello beauties ! So today, I am gonna do something different. I finally bought myself a book which contains quotes (best part is, all quotes are specially for us, women !) You know, there are times when we will feel so lonely, down and you name it. All those negative feelings. I know ladies, I know. Been there done that. So, I got myself this book and I am sure that I will have this book in my handbag and bring it everywhere I go. Personally, I really think this kind of book is good, not only for women but guys too. It'll help to sooth our crowded mind. :) I bought this book at the Big Bad Wolf. OH MY GOD ! There're so many books, you'll go crazaaaaayyhhh. (I know I did hehe) The books are all so freaking cheap. I bought 6 books for only myr 48. Imagine that ladies, how can I resist myself to get more books? (I actually told myself I'm gonna get only 2 books) Failed... But seriously, go now and buy books ! Last day is on the December 23rd. So, you beauties still have time. :) The book that I got is We Empower Inspirational Wisdom for Women by Maria Shriver. Now, I'll include one of the quotes that I encountered and really made my day :

"Buy yourself flowers whenever you can. You deserve it."

Yes ladies, you deserve it ! First rule to be pretty is to feel pretty. To feel pretty, compliment yourself ladies. Giving compliments to ourselves won't do any harm. All of my pretty ladies deserve that. :) I hope that quote made your day just like how it made my day ! 

p/s : What do you think if I post at least one quote per day, you know just to share with you beauties what I have in mind? Share your thoughts with me ladies ! 

Until next post, stay tuned beauties !


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