Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guest's Review : Balms by Miss Farah Albiy.

hello pretty beauty lovers :) so this time i'm invited to review on lip moisturizers or lip balms. we know that the most basic step of looking good is looking healthy and girl, cracked dry lips ain't sexy at all. i personally have been through my own series of try and error phases with lip balms so today i will share the outcome of my experiments. enjoy :)
  1. the all famous LIP SMACKER. i know we all get amazed when we see the variety choices of flavours that they offer and as a lip balm addict i just have to own them. for me these lip balms are just okay, they do the job with constant application but they tend to feel very heavy on the lips. nevertheless its fun to have flavours on your lips. the price range is approximately between 10MYR to 40MYR.
  2. THE DOLCE MOIST BALM by elianto. now this is my favourite lip balm so far. i use this everyday before i put any other thing on my lips. it offers SPF20 exactly what someone who lives in tropical Malaysia needs and it feels totally light on the lips if we don't pile it on that is the packaging is definitely pretty and its not that expensive. i'm sorry but i couldn't remember how much it really costs but its totally affordable i promise that.
  3. THE KORRES SHEA BUTTER LIP BALM. i also love this one too. it contains shea butter and beeswax and keeps your lips soft all day long. but the bad thing about this product is it isn't available in Malaysia. there are a few korres product sold in sephora but not this one. the korres shea butter lip balm costs 6USD and its the cheapest among the korres product line. so it could get a little pricey for all us budget barbies ;)
  4. THE FRUITY LIP ICE by mentholatum. i believe this is the most popular lip balm in Malaysia. its like the most basic lip balm you could find. well get this: i hate it. i have used the lip ice line since i was in school and it does moisturize the lips but only with frequent application. if you forget to reapply or just leave it on your lips for the whole day, your lips will get chapped. and ugly. just don't okay beauties :)
  5. VASELINE petroleum jelly, or any type of petroleum jelly available. personally i just feel everyone just needs to own a pot of petroleum jelly as it comes in handy for quite a handful of occasions. without a doubt, petroleum jelly works wonders on my lips as it keeps it moisturized all day long. it is also so very cheap especially when it can be used for so many things. the only drawback of this product is it doesn't have any SPF in it so it exposes our lips to sun burn which eventually leads to dark and chapped lips. and we do not want that happening alright?
  6. DELIPSCIOUS TINTED LIP BALM from the body shop. now this lip balm is amazing. it keeps the lips soft all day and the colour is just delightful. i own one in raspberry, the scent isn't that strong and very natural and its just perfect for those days when you don't particularly feel like wearing lip colour but still want to look presentable. only it is a tad bit pricey for us who have a tight budget. it costs about 38MYR per tube. but honestly people, its totally worth it.
  7. last but not least the LIP ICE WATER COLOUR by mentholatum. this lip ice, i definitely approve of. it has a very natural pink colour -all four of the available colours are pretty- its just moisturizing, nothing spectacular about this product in this department, but the colour they come with is just so pretty. its quite a bargain as i always keep a tube in my bag and i double it as a cheek stain, which also works perfectly. its rather cheap, only under 16MYR and works great.
so, that's my opinion based on my own life experience. hope its helpful :)

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