Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Favourites Products.

Hi beauties ! So today I'm gonna share with you dolls few of my favourite products. Some of them have been in my collection for quite some time and recently it proved why I should keep them. There are also few products that I just bought and so far it does the job. You know, when you wanna buy something or products that you really like, you tend to go for things that come with 'brands.' And the prices are phewwww, so expensive ! I'm a student so I know. I know the feeling of wanting this and that and sometimes you just can't afford it. So, the products that I'm using are basically those that you can get at Watsons or Guardian or any drug store that you can find. It is affordable and it really does the job. That's the best part right? So here we go beauties !

  • This is the face mist that I got during the PC fair in UPM recently. I got this for rm20. A product from Korea. I use this to set my make up. To ensure that my foundation stays in place all day long. So far, I am happy with what it does to my skin. My make up stays longer and that's what we want right beauties? Well, if you can't find this, you can just find other face mist. Any face mist that you can find, you can use it. Make sure you stay within your budget ! Do not go overspend. Remember beauties ! 

  • For this one, this is the only lip care that I have. I do not own any other lip balms. To be honest, whenever I want to put on my lipstick, I just put it. I do not use lip balms before I put the lipstick on. This is a formulated one. I got this when I was in Makkah. I tried to google this and tried to find this here in Malaysia, unfortunately they do not have it here. This is really good for my lips. But, as I said earlier you can use any other lip balms that you have. We have so many lip balms in the market now. Find lip balms that is formulated. It will protect your lips as that is the main objective, okay beauties? One more reminder, to avoid your lips from getting chapped, you better put on the lip balms first before you put on your lipsticks/lipgloss. (I'll have someone to do a review on lipbalms okay beauties!) Oh and drink lots of plain water ! That'll definitely help. :)

  • The last thing (only in this post beauties) is my favourite moisturiser so far, Simple. I got this for few months now and have been using it ever since. And so far, I like it. I haven't found any other moisturiser that is affordable and good for my skin. Before you put on your foundation/bb cream, it is best if you apply your moisturiser first. It is to protect your skin as we know that foundation/bb cream, they contain chemicals. We need to make sure that we look good/okay whenever our face are chemical free. (That only happens during the night, in my case I look okay without make up. Just okay. :P) You can get this in any drug store, I got mine at Guardian and it costs me around rm16-17. It is affordable and it suits my skin. Tips : Find moisturiser that is suitable for your skin, know what is your skin type then only we can talk about the solution okay beauties? Not everyone has the same skin type. 

Those are among my favourite products that I have been using a lot and I really like it ! So, if you have any comments or you even want to share your favourite products, you can ! I wanna know what is/are your favourite products. 

Until next post, stay tuned beauties !


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