Monday, December 3, 2012

Product review : Pore Minimizer

Hi beauties! So today I'm gonna do a review on this one product that I got (finally I bought this after so long) last week. I haven't got the chance to try this on yet, but I will do it, hopefully by tonight. And next week, I'll tell you beauties how does this product works on me. So, the product that I got is....

Controlling Clay Mask (Pore Minimizer) from TheFaceShop !

See that exclamation mark there? It is because I am sooo excited to try this on! :P I have actually been looking for pore minimizer mask for quite some time. I have (I consider as terrible black&white heads) on my face. I actually had a hard time to cover those black&white heads on my face whenever I put my make up on. Not anymore since I got myself a very good foundation.. (This will be on the blog soon beauties!) No worries, I will try the mask tonight and let you beauties know the result or how I feel about this product next week yea. And now, pictures time !

Until next post, stay tuned beauties !



  1. really are faceshop's fan.hahah.ko ade member kad faceshop ke?

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