Monday, January 27, 2014

January Haul.

Hi ladies! For twothousandforteen(read as 2014 :p), I have decided that I will AT LEAST do monthly haul. The hauls that I am about to do will not be as great as other beauty bloggers and the other reasons will be because I'm a student therefore my financial flow will be very restricted. InsyaAllah, I will try to do haul for every month. So, for January 2014, I have few items that I bought and still have few other items but that shall be included in my February haul. :) The items that I bought :

From left : Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water, Herbal Essences Shampoo&Conditioner, Watsons Nose Strips, Baby Wipes(Jusco)

  • Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water : I will do a separate review on this after I try this few more times. This is basically a face mist, something used to moisturize your skin. The good thing about this is that it can be used not only on your face, you can also use this on your hair and body! How cool is that? This one I actually shared with a friend of mine and this comes in twin pack which costs RM38.90. And I paid only RM19.45 for one bottle. Hehe. 

  • Herbal Essences Shampoo&Conditioner in Red Raspberry&Satin : Okay, I believe this brand has been a rave among the beauty bloggers and Clairol is not a new brand anyway in hair care products. I decided to give this a try because my friend has been using this and it works well on her. After all, I need to change my shampoo because Rejoice stopped working its wonder on me. :( And these two were on sale when I bought them last week! Each costs me, RM13.52. That was really a steal! And the scent, ahhh. It's really sweet and you can't just get enough with it! 

  • Watsons Nose Pore Strips : The only reason I purchased this is because I exceeded a certain amount at Watsons and I got to buy this at a lower price. And I wanted one as well because I finished my old nose pore strips. I didn't have high hopes on this one but.. it works wonder and I love it. I've used this twice and we'll see how it goes for the next few times. Hehe. And this costs me, RM6.90. I think it retails at RM9.90. 

  • Baby Wipes(Jusco) : I have tried this for few times to remove my makeup and I love it. This moisturizes your skin because it has Aloe Vera and we all know Aloe Vera is good for your skin. This comes in twin pack and each pack has 80 wipes. Two packs equal to 180 packs and costs me only at RM8.90! Cheap and really really good. This is definitely a repurchase once I finish those two packs. 

Until next post, stay tuned beauties!


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