Friday, January 24, 2014

Inexpensive face item.

Hi ladies! This post is going to be a short one because I only have one item to share with you ladies this time. Based on my title up there, can you guess what face item I'm gonna share with you? It could be anything from BB cream to foundation to face powder. I still can't do any post on BB cream because I do not own any at the moment. I had BB creams in the past but I stopped using it because I wanted to try something else. Like the sheer foundation. (hint) And right I am considering of switching back to BB creams. Well, that'd have to be in a different post right? Okay, so the item that I am going to share with you today is the Sheer Natural Gel Foundation by IN2IT. 

Credits to Google

For the foundation, I am in the code 02 Golden Beige and I think this is the shade for me because it't medium. Not too dark, not too light. As the name says, it is sheer and you can barely tell you have foundation on your face. This is my most reached product for months. Going to classes or shopping with girlfriends, I always use this. Let's see what it claims to be :

  • Sheer & Light: A non-greasy water based formulation that is easy to apply and blend. Contains Bisabolol to help sooth and condition the skin. Contains 69% natural ingredients, no fragrance and oil-free.
  • Waterproof: Long Wearing, day long formulation.
  • Sun Protection with SPF25 & PA++
  • With whitening
  • With Moisturizer
My verdict : The first and last points prove to be correct. However, I cannot say the same for the rest. If I were to be out the whole day, I need to re-apply this foundation for few more times. And it does not protect me from the sun, not really. Whitening? Definitely not. I do not seek for this in foundation and this foundation does not whiten my skin or anything like that. On the contrary, this small tube contains a lot of product. I still have this despite the fact that I use this everyday for months. Good job! 

Will I repurchase this? : Definitely no. I love this foundation because it is easy to apply and to cover my flaws from being too obvious but I'd love to try new face products. 

Where can I get this? : It is available in any drugstores. I bought this at Watson and it retails at RM 19.90 if I'm not mistaken. 

Until next post, stay tuned beauties!


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