Saturday, October 3, 2015

September's Haul : Skincare & Makeup

Hi dolls! This update will be on the things I bought in September. I may not include everything that I have bought in the past month because I have the intention to do a separate post on that. May I find the time and also may laziness stay away from me, Amin! Okay, I will first show you the photos of what I have bought. :b

Good Virtues Co. Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Maybelline's Baby Skin primer, The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream,
The Body Shop Shower Gel in Passion Fruit with its Bath Lily, Rexona Deodorant in Shower Clean.

This shampoo okay obviously I bought this because of its excuse me, super cute packaging! But, I have also read the reviews before I decided to go with this. I am not that type of person who can easily try out any shampoo because I take my shampoo seriously. This smells like herbs probably because of the habbatus sawda. This shampoo is okay with me, didn't actually take away my dandruff but it keeps my hair and scalp clean. I'd give this 7.5/10. I got this at Watsons for only RM9.80! 

This baby right here, I have been waiting for this to come to Malaysia and finally it's here! I decided to go with this although I have a tube of face primer to go through but yeah.. I wanted to see whether this primer lives up to its hype. Honestly for me, it's not that awesome. It does blur out your pores a lil bit but that's all? I honestly feel this is just an okay product. Again, what works for me might not for you and vice versa, okay ladies? :) I'd give this 6/10. Got this at Watsons for RM29.90 (i think)

This body shower right hereee. I have been wanting to try this out for the longest time! Sweet scent and that's all I need. With the Bath Lily, I can use small amount of product each time which is would be super money saving for me! I got this at The Body Shop for RM29.90 and the Bath Lily retails at RM19.90. 

Another thing that I got at The Body Shop, this Vitamin Eye Cream. I wanted something to heal my dark circle. Honestly for me, my dark circles aren't that bad. I do not have eyebags, only dark circles. I have been using this for over a month now and I can only see little improvement? I use this religiously, twice a day. It doesn't really make my dark circles gone but I love this for it hydrates my undereye. That's awesome! This retails at RM65 but it was on 10% sale at that time. 

This deodorant right here, I started using this when I finished my previous one which was the Lady Speed something.. I had gotten mini samples of this and I loved it. This smells powdery and the scent is not too strong. Got this in full size and loving it. I got this at Watsons for RM7. 

I have featured this photo in my previous post. These lashes are amazing. I got this at Daiso and I had no regrets. Both were retailed at RM5.30 each. Daiso people Daiso!

This baby right here has been raved by many online. I went to Elianto Seremban to get this but it was out of stock. When I went to The Mines, boom! I saw it and bought it lol. This is in the code 04. Sweet color and this is in matte finish. Totally matte. It doesn't leave ugly stains on your lips but you might want to prep your lips beforehand since matte lipstick can enhance chapped lips. Love this! I got this for RM32. 

That'd be all for this post ladies! I will see y'all soon!

Stay tuned, beauties!



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