Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Makeup Babes MY: Who?

Who is Makeup Babes MY? Is it a new sensation in the makeup community or just another community with a bunch of girls who share the same passion for makeup and decided to jump into the bandwagon of setting up a community for all makeup enthusiasts out there?

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! I’ve missed you guys, I’ve missed writing, I’ve missed rambling about my favourite products or whatever that is connected to makeup! Been MIA for a very very long time and I won’t even try to come out with an excuse why that happened. Guys, life happened.. Okay, so I hope I still have readers to read this post when it’s published and still find this blog enjoyable. This time around, for my comeback I’m not going to talk about new products in store, my favourite products or products that I hate. Instead, I will be talking about uh uh just look at my title: MAKEUP BABES MY. 

Yass dass right everyone, Makeup Babes MY. For those of you who follows me on my social medias; instagram, twitter and facebook, you may notice that I mention about this new makeup community! For reals guys, I have mentioned about this a lot and a lot of times! Along with my few other girlfriends, for the love of makeup, we set up a new community and we welcome everyone into Makeup Babes MY. No fee at all, just follow us on instagram and twitter if you haven’t. *wink.

We have been running and hopefully to keep on running even faster in the future for about two months now. I have to say we are more active on our instagram page. If you go to our instagram page, you will see posts of makeup collaborations we have done, daily makeup look contributed by beautiful ladies out there, some makeup tips that we feel so happy to share with yall ladies out there and we also review products that we love! (note that most of the products we love are all affordable but still bomb so check us out okay?)

So, how does Makeup Babes MY works? It’s quite easy ladies. We started off with our weekly challenge which we go by the hashtag makeupbabescollab. Different theme is given each week and the duration to submit photos is one week! Upload your photo, tag us, use our hashtags and we will repost your photo! Ahh and make sure to keep your profile to public setting okay dolls? J Apart from weekly challenge, we also have different posts for different days. Just click on these hashtags ladies :

  •  Makeupbabescollab     
  • Makeupbabescrush        
  • Makeupbabesfaves
  •  Makeupbabestips

So dolls, what are yall waiting for? Join us now! Be part of Makeup Babes MY in the journey of perfecting our makeup skills. We want this community to keep growing and inspiring girls out there. You know nothing about makeup but you wanna learn? Join us ladies! You can find us on both instagram and twitter : makeupbabesmy And I hope to see you all very soon! 

Stay tuned, beauties!


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