Wednesday, February 5, 2014

HYPNO Entrepreneur: 2nd Phase

Hi everyone! See how I greet everyone not just ladies? Well, this is because for today's post it'll be something different than usual. Ain't gonna talk about beauty stuff or anything like that but.. I'm going to talk about a trip that I went recently with my friends and I had lots lots and lots of fun! Didn't think it'd be that fun but yeah, it was great. :) As the tittle suggests, this post is about an entrepreneurship programme that I went with my group members. We were given RM500 and we were told to sell things. The location was Port Dickson or to be exact, Pantai Teluk Kemang. (Sebab banyak sangat pantai dekat PD jadi harus bagitau pegi pantai mana satu. Lulz. ) Alright, everything went well and we even got the chance to have fun at the beach on the last day. Unlike the other groups, they still had to sell their products. herherher. Here are some pictures for you guys :

That's all for now, see yall later!


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