Thursday, May 2, 2013

Of Drama and Make ups.

Hello beautiful creatures ! I am stealing a lil bit of my time to write a post on this. Been delaying for a while and u have no idea how bad I feel about that. Anyhow, this post will be about the drama that I participated as one of the people in make up team and the make up that we came out with with the help of my roommate. Thanks Jue. :B Without any further ado, let the pictures do the talk!
Darby and the Devil make ups.

Ain't that pretty? Wish I can go to class wearing this make up lulzz

Loving the pink blusher which is actually mixed colors of eyeshadows.

Side view of Devil make up.

Devil and pale look.

Front view.

The real person who acted out the Devil character

The Box Toy.

Adik. She died at the end of the story. Abade's make up.

Teddy. Farah's make up.   

I guess that is all for tonight. I still need to do my Spanish's revision. Toodles and XOXO !

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