Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review : Eyeliner & Eyeshadow Pencil. (Sasatinnie)

Hello beautiful creatures. How's it going? Is taking care of your beauty is still your priority? I hope so ladies. Okay, right now I am supposed to do something else. That something else is actually my unfinished assignment. It is always gonna be this way, all the way last minute work. I pray to God every single day to make this lazy bum attitude to go away. I guess, effort is needed too aite? So, back to the main thanggg ladies. This post is a special post for me, not because of the products but because I have not been able to sit and write something properly on this blog. That is why it is special. Okay, I have been saving this for quite some time now. It is the matter of time. Before I proceed, it's pictures time !

1. This is called Silky Eyeshadow Pen in number 05 (Violet)

2. This is called the Retractable Glittering Eyeliner in number 2(White)

3. And this is me taraaa! With those 2 products on my eyes. Apparently, u can't see it clearly huhu  

Unfortunately ladies, I couldn't remember the prices for both items. But I can assure you, one item costs me less than rm20. So, it's good to go. A bit of review on them :

Pros :
-It glides well on my eyelids. The eyeshadow pen. I like it. It makes my life easier when I need to apply my eyeliner.
-I can also use it as a base of an eyeshadow. It's quite pigmented so that's a bonus!
-And the glitter does not overwhelmed. I like it to be subtle so that's another yeay for me.
-The eyeliner, it's white and that's why I feel the need to have it.

Cons :
-The eyeliner holds too much glitters which sometimes annoy me to the max.
-It's kinda hard to remove the glitter even after I use my wet tissue. Or do I need to change to another product for wet tissue? Hmm.

And ladies, that is all. Overall, I am satisfied with the outcome. Whenever I feel lazy, I'll just put on the eyeshadow pen and touch it up with my eyeliner. That's basically completes my day ! If u have any enquiries, please send it to my email. Anything that I can help, I will help. :)

Until next post, stay tuned beauties !


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