Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Borjouis Healthy Mix Foundation : Review

Hello ladies!! I am so freaking excited to finally be able to write something here! My last post was on May 31st 2015, sheesh now is already July... I was caught up with my final exams, final year project and right now, my internship programme. As I'm writing this, I am now left with only one month before my internship ends! Now, that's exciting! Maybe I'll blog about my internship/working experience later. Maybe.. Anyways, I am back with another review and yes I am excited to review about this product! For all the makeup lovers out there, this foundation is not something that is new in the market. It has been a while actually since the product is finally sold in our drugstores (read Watsons). I have just recently gotten the chance to buy this, own this and try this myself! It is a drugstore product but it ain't that cheap. :( I am talking about none other than Borjouis Healthy Mix Foundation! 

Picture credits to Google.

I got this in the shade 52, Vanille. It maches my skin tone purrrfectly! The salesgirl at that time was very helpful as well and really nice. She even tried to persuade me to get their powder but I was not looking for powder and plus I have my other powders to go through first. But yes, I was amazed with Borjouis powder as it is finely milled and it is very lightweight on the skin! Alright, let's talk about the foundation. There are actually two types of this foundation. One is the one I have and the other one is Healthy Mix Serum which I believe have more dewy finish which I don't need because I have oily skin and dewy finish will only make me look like a puddle of oil at the end of the day. The Healthy Mix Foundation has more semi matte to matte finish although I have never seen it up to matte finish unless I set it up with my powder. There are two things that I love about this foundation :

  1. The scent smells heavenly! You can actually smell the scent of mix fruits and I love it so much I even sniff at it eventho I don't use it!
  2. The foundation feels really really light on the skin eventho you put on two layers! With only one layer, it feels like you don't have anything on your skin!
Here are two photos that I took using the foundation on my first day Raya!

About the coverage, it is buildable. Honestly, I wouldn't say this foundation has the highest coverage ever but you can build the intensity. I prefer my foundation to be only one layer and I use a little bit of concealer with this foundation. With only one layer, it covers my blemishes. It reduces the redness that I have. Overall, I think this foundation is worth the money spent. I still have one whole bottle to go through before I even think about purchasing another bottle or even another foundation! You can get this foundation at Watsons and it retails at the price of RM55++. Happy purchasing dolls! 

Until next post, stay tuned beauties!


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