Thursday, October 3, 2013

Haul : Elianto

Hey beauty ladies! *spreading out love and kisses* For this post, I am feeling a little bit more excited because I love doing haul posts. Too bad, as a student my financial flow is not that excellent and I have restrictions on buying things. *weeps in the corner* But hey, that's fine. Okay okay, I don't want to drag this any further, let us look at the pictures first okay?


The items!

Back of the loose powder and single eyeshadows.

The code of the lipstick.

So sexy..

So cheap yet so good.

Such a pretty colour.

Makeup remover.

Swatches of the lipstick and lip liner.

Swatches of the eyeshadows.

As you can see above, I got myself few things from Elianto and I bought all of these when they had a massive sale during the 3rd Aidilfitri. HEHE. I got myself the loose powder and I've always wanted one and now I am a happy girl! The loose powder is in the formula of natural mineral and I'm in the colour, 03 Neutral Beige. It is a little bit darker for my skin tone but that's fine because usually after I put on my foundation, I'll look slightly pale and this loose powder helps me to balance my skin tone.And it comes with a puff but I don't use it. Instead, I use my kabuki brush for the loose powder. 

Next, I managed to grab two single eyeshadows and the ones that I bought is in 06 Midnight Blue from the Splendour Shadow collection and it has matte finish to it. The second one is in 08 Fairy Purple from the Sheen Shadow collection and it has the touch of shimmers to it. How I use it? For the Midnight Blue, I usually will use it at my crease and to give definitions to my eyes. It works like magic for the crease and the outer corner of your eyes. I love it! For the Fairy Purple, I will use it on my brow bone, or the inner corner of my eyes to make me look like a fairy. :p It has shimmers so I do not want to use it too much because it can be quite overwhelmed on my eyes. 

And of course, my ultimate goal when I saw they had the sale was to get myself a red matte lipstick. The one that I bought does not have matte finish to it but I'm okay with it. It is red, the exact red that I've always wanted. I will wear it with the lip liner in the same colour which is in the code of Burgundy. I will use the lip liner on my lips and top it off with the lipstick. The lipstick has the moisturising effect and it is not too overwhelmed. The next one that I got is the makeup remover. Actually I did not buy the makeup remover together with the other items during the sale. But I bought it during the other sale and I got it for only RM12! I must be crazy if I didn't buy it.. I only had the chance to try it once and so far so good. :) The other two items that I got are the brushes. Foundation and flat blending brush. 

The prices for each item :

  • Natural Mineral Loose Powder- From RM33+ - RM16 (sale)
  • Lipstick - I couldn't recall the prices. But it was less than RM20.
  • Lip liner - Same thing, but I'm pretty sure it was less than RM10.
  • Eyeshadows - The eyeshadows are already cheap so you can just buy it at any time. :)
  • Makeup remover- From RM59 - RM12 (sale)
  • Brushes - Both of them cost me less than RM20. 

Until next post, stay tuned beauties!


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